Welcome to my website, which I have created to provide facts and information about me.... some personal, family, business, political, general , as well as some opinions.

The website has been launched on August 15th, VJ Day ( Victory over Japan Day in 1945 ) and the end of the Second World War, and the fight against totalitarian regimes.

The month of August is also significant for many other events including on the 1st, World Wide Web Anniversary, the 31st, BlogDay, the 12th, International Youth Day, the 13th, Lefthanded Day ( I am a left hander! ), and a number of Independence days for countries in different parts of the world.

I am pleased to launch my site in a month celebrating freedom and independence.

There are also some links, including to Wish Business, Financial, Government and Personal Development Consulting, which I have recently launched.

I hope you find the contents interesting, informative and stimulating.

There are a number of Anthony and Tony Webber's in the world with a variety of professions and backgrounds. This website will hopefully show that I am none of them and am my own unique self!

I have had a varied life and very much wish to continue to make a positive contribution to the lives of those I come across.

Feel free to comment on the content and format of my website, either via my contact page or my blog.

Anthony D C Webber, BA, Cert.PFS, MIoD